New generation marketplace for loans and financial servieces

Jeff is a new generation loan broker that provides a data-rich solution for banks and lenders, while ensuring seamless borrower experience for the clients. Join our network & read more about whitelabel solutions below.

Jeff app

How Jeff

Client starts the journey through a simple conversation with Jeff bot.

It takes just a few minutes to set up an account.

Gradually, more data if various sorts from different sources is added to user's account.

The more data client provides, the higher level on Jeff App is reached. In return, more loan offers are provided.

Jeff app
Jeff app

Additionally, benefits like discount coupons, insurance deals and TelCo packages are offered.

Why work
with Jeff?

Why work
with Jeff?

Jeff App Data-rich leads

Data-rich leads

Through Jeff system, you can access much more than just standard data about each loan applicant. More data means better credit decisions - Jeff knows it and you know it!

Jeff App Speed and convenience

Speed and convenience

You are professionals at what you do - lending and banking services. People know what they need - financing is what keeps them from their goals. Jeff is the perfect matchmaker providing fast and convenienct way for you to meet.

Jeff App New clients segment

New clients segment

Tap into massive customer segments that were once a headache to service. Thanks to Jeff's solution centralising data from multiple sources at a single location, those who were financially underserved now can access your services!

Join Jeff's marketplace & let's boost the financial inclusion together!