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Product Manager, Insurance

❗There is more than a billion people in Asia that do not have access to mainstream financial services!

At the same time, most of them have an incredible amount of valuable digital footprint in their mobile devices, online presence, social media, everyday apps & many other sources.

Enter Jeff, financial services supermarket for South-East Asia's unbanked. We are on the way to build a new generation Credit Score based on the alternative data & become the financial inclusion gateway of South-East Asia's emerging economies.

🚀 Jeff's journey started in 2020. In just 2 years, over 1.5 million people have compared over 15 Million products in Vietnam via Jeff.

As we diversify both our product lines, as well as geographical coverage, dedicated divisions for each strategic direction are being established.

And the Product Manager for Insurance (and other new verticals) will take a crucial role in this next chapter of our expansion.

Your tasks will include:

✅ Acting as "Internal CEO" of all things Insurance products, being in charge both of strategy, development and sales of all products under your umbrella

✅ Driving the strategy and go-to-market of Insurance product discovery and research, integration, partnership sourcing, monetisation & more

✅ Constantly being on the lookout for new product lines, in addition to Consumer Lending (covered by another team) and Insurance. These may include but are not limited to E-wallets, Neboank accounts, Savings and Investment services, Merchant services & more

✅ Reviewing existing business processes & proposing improvements accordingly

✅ Being the person in charge with regards to all customer-facing Insurance promotion and matching activities, ensuring an increasing % of customers is not only approved for desired products, but also market-best conditions are provided

✅ Closely collaborating with Head of Product, C-level of the company, other squad leads and the founders

✅ Being the team lead for Insurance & New Verticals squad: defining required resources, procuring the recruitment and onboarding plan together with the HR team, managing and reviewing squad's performance and ensuring necessary actions and adjustments are taken to achieve set targets

✅ Shamelessly executing

✅ Having bottom line ownership and responsibility over the performance of Jeff Insurance Products suite

A rockstar candidate for this job:

🎯 Has “can do” attitude and truly believes there is a solution for every problem (and has the ability to find it!)

🎯 Has at least 5 years of past experience in Project or Product management and team leading

🎯 Carries considerable (at least 4 years) knowledge from Insurance industry in Vietnam, ideally also having well-developed network or relevant connections

🎯 Has good understanding of fundamentals behind different types of insurance products, their underwriting, sales (especially partnership principles with broker and distribution networks), post-sales service & other related key areas

🎯 Not mandatory, but awesome if has experience not only at Vietnamese market level, but also has participated in projects covering either of Indonesia, Philippines, India

🎯 Takes ownership of the actions and items entrusted

🎯 Has data-driven and pragmatic approach to decision-making

🎯 Understands the importance of constant learning and self-education

🎯 Is fluent in English

🎯 Feels great in dynamic, results-oriented environment that advocates open, honest communication

You will get:

👍🏼 Competitive remuneration as well as other benefits

👍🏼 Extra vacation days

👍🏼 Opportunity to balance onsite/remote work after probation period

👍🏼 A knowledgeable, high-achieving, experienced and fun international team

👍🏼 Constant growth in a dynamic, digital environment

👍🏼 Freedom to find balance between variable remuneration and stock options

👍🏼 Chance to pick equipment of your preference

Values that define us & that we seek in new team members:

🔀 Versatility
If multi-functionality and ability to regroup fast is one way how you would describe yourself, we'll get along great.

🙋 Proactivity
The first weeks will most probably be the last weeks when you will get an exact to-do list in Jeff. We stand for people that are proactive, self-driven & can ultimately find and show a better way of carrying out certain tasks or functions.

💡 Business understanding
No matter the role or seniority, you cannot perform at a world-class level if you don't understand what on earth you are building.

📢 Open communication
At Jeff, we give credit to each other where it's due. And we point out the shortcomings as they appear, because everyone succeeds and everyone surely fu*ks up at least twice as often. Be respectful and honest, don't take things personally & do it for the sake of building a better team and product!

🏁 Always going extra mile
We pay competitive salaries and are constantly working on improving our perks' list,
but truly believe it goes both ways. You are coming to a crazy, fast-paced, early stage startup. It goes without saying that results and attitude eat timetable for breakfast here any day of the week.

🌱 Personal growth-oriented
We cannot tell you what skills or knowledge set you apart from great to exceptional in what you do. But we expect you will bring it up yourself & emphasize why it is important to find time or other resources for such learning. If you are not evolving, you are falling behind!

🤘 Ready for Rock'n'Roll
We are a pack of simple people that are very honest, results driven and fast-paced. There are wild corporate parties every now and then, and there are days when every third slack message is a meme or a joke. And there is always Hektors somewhere in the office.

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Ready to have a whole lot of fun while building THE new generation credit marketplace & credit score?
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