Founder's Associate

Riga, Latvia

❗ 70% of people in South-East Asia don't have bank accounts. Close to 90% don't have credit history. This means hundreds of millions of people cannot access financial services.

At the same time, the very same people have tons of valuable digital footprint.
Enter Jeff, loan broker for the unbanked. By capturing a large number of diverse alternative data points from various sources, Jeff is on its way to introduce its next generation credit score.

Following a strong launch in 2020 and even better Q1 of 2021, Jeff is determined to sustain and further accelerate its evolution. In order to make that happen, we are looking for a “Grade-A” hustler with ability to adapt, learn and EXECUTE across a variety of areas, working in close collaboration with the CEO.

Your tasks will include:

✅ Handling high priority tasks to ensure targets are met

✅ Constantly finding solutions to a wide range of problems, more often than not with no blueprint in place

✅ A ton of project management and coordination

✅ A truly wide range of items, starting from running daily errands & ending with interacting with top tier investors - exactly what the founders are dealing with daily

✅ Overseeing and coordinating internal and external communication when necessary

✅ Maintaining roadmaps, project plans, pipelines, documentation and other key internal business assets. This will include drafting “Playbooks”

✅ Getting really hands-on with fundraising, prospecting, sales and hiring processes

✅ New markets and segments researches

✅ Preparing and maintaining sales, fundraising and other assets

✅ Crunching numbers from time to time

A rockstar candidate for this job:

🎯 Has “can do” attitude and truly believes there is a solution for every problem (and has the ability to find it!)

​🎯 Has previous experience in project management or sales (this is truly optional though - character and mindset is far more important than experience for this position)

​🎯 Takes ownership of the actions and items entrusted

​🎯 Has exceptional project management skills, discipline and ability to find common tongue with a large number of different personalities

​🎯 Understands the importance of constant learning and self-education

​🎯 Feels great in dynamic, results-oriented environment that advocates open, honest communication

​🎯 Has entrepreneurial mindset and aspiration to launch her/his own

So, why Jeff is a great place to work?

💡 Purpose
As a company, we build a new solution that the world needs. As an individual, you'll be able to own a part of the company after a successful probation period

📈 Growth
As a company, we started in January 2020 and grew 60x in the first 12 months. As individuals, we learnt a ton from one another and from all of the new, challenging things we did. Trajectory remains unchanged for 2021 and beyond

🔀 Flexibility
We don't count vacation days or hours. We don't believe in 9-to-5 office work. We believe in overachieving KPIs and being there when the team and the company needs you to

🚀 Speed
Shipped, broken, fixed and shipped again is better than pixel perfect solution. Jeff stands for test-driven, lightning-fast decision making and iterations over bureaucracy and excessive planning

🧠 Team and mindset
Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced specialists. We believe in execution above all else & are very cross-functional and agile for the sake of accomplishing the big mission we've set out for. It's not rainbows and butterflies every day, but it brings you to the next level in the long term.

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If you are interested in our goal and vision of excellence, please send your CV and cover letter.
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We are committed to training as we believe it is crucial to maintaining our professional work standards.

We are committed to training as we believe it is crucial to maintaining our professional work standards.