Head of Product

Riga, Latvia

❗ 70% of people in South-East Asia don't have bank accounts. Close to 90% don't have credit history. This means hundreds of millions of people cannot access financial services.

At the same time, the very same people have tons of valuable digital footprint.
Enter Jeff, loan broker for the unbanked. By capturing a large number of diverse alternative data points from various sources, Jeff is on its way to introduce its next generation credit score.

To advance our efforts of boosting financial inclusion and take full ownership over all things product, its strategy and ensuring "Vision -> Reality", we are looking for a "Product CEO".

Your tasks will include:

  • Building structure and order of all things currently existing & soon coming to Jeff's product suite
  • Developing the product vision in close collaboration with the founding team
  • Ensuring that the engineering team always has clear tasks & rest of the gang has clear development pipeline and "rules of the game"
  • Making sure all workflows, user journeys, documentation, change logs & million other things that allow us to tame the chaos are in the best possible order at all times
  • Organising all relevant ceremonies and meetings, while acknowledging that speed always comes before bureaucracy in early-stage companies
  • Interacting with all stakeholders & structuring their product-related needs and goals into requirements and development tickets
  • Grooming and maintaining product roadmap and up-to-date feature prioritisation methodology (matrix or otherwise)
  • Staying up to date with day-to-day business results & aligning product development timeline in line with necessary changes

A rockstar candidate for this job:

  • Has at least a few years of past experience working as Head of Product, Product Owner, Product Manager or Scrum Master
  • ​Preferably has worked in FinTech, eCommerce, Travel or Insurance industry
  • ​Can explain to us what Agile, Scrum and Kanban is better than we could in this job ad
  • ​Takes ownership of the actions and items entrusted
  • ​Has exceptional project management skills, discipline and ability to find common tongue with a large number of different personalities
  • ​Ideally has past experience with Web analytics, business analytics or software engineering
  • ​Feels great in dynamic, results-oriented environment that advocates open, honest communication

Values that define us & that we seek in new team members:

🔀 Versatility
If multi-functionality and ability to regroup fast is one way how you would describe yourself, we'll get along great.

🙋 Proactivity
The first weeks will most probably be the last weeks when you will get an exact to-do list in Jeff. We stand for people that are proactive, self-driven & can ultimately find and show a better way of carrying out certain tasks or functions.

💡 Business understanding
No matter the role or seniority, you cannot perform at a world-class level if you don't understand what on earth you are building.

📢 Open communication
At Jeff, we give credit to each other where it's due. And we point out the shortcomings as they appear, because everyone succeeds and everyone surely fu*ks up at least twice as often. Be respectful and honest, don't take things personally & do it for the sake of building a better team and product!

🏁 Always going extra mile
We pay competitive salaries and are constantly working on improving our perks' list,
but truly believe it goes both ways. You are coming to a crazy, fast-paced, early stage startup. It goes without saying that results and attitude eat timetable for breakfast here any day of the week.

🌱 Personal growth-oriented
We cannot tell you what skills or knowledge set you apart from great to exceptional in what you do. But we expect you will bring it up yourself & emphasize why it is important to find time or other resources for such learning. If you are not evolving, you are falling behind!

🤘 Ready for Rock'n'Roll
We are a pack of simple people that are very honest, results driven and fast-paced. There are wild corporate parties every now and then, and there are days when every third slack message is a meme or a joke. And there is always Hektors somewhere in the office.

Home Task

Ready to have a whole lot of fun while building THE new generation credit marketplace & credit score?
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We are committed to training as we believe it is crucial to maintaining our professional work standards.

We are committed to training as we believe it is crucial to maintaining our professional work standards.