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6 reasons to become a Jeff affiliate

Increased income

Our affiliate program boasts very strong EPC and conversion rates, giving an instant income boost

Recurring commissions

Supplement your income by getting paid weekly for the leads you generate

Grow with us

Team Jeff will onboard you with actionable tips on running efficient affiliate campaigns

Fair compensation

Jeff believes in financial inclusion for all, and we pay above market-rate commissions

Get rewarded for excellence

The better you are, the better the pay – our top partners get an extra bonus every month

Connect with ease

Jeff gives you all the tools, including an easy-to-set-up API, to help you convert more users

Our markets and regions

Jeff is a super app for Asia's underbanked and we're growing our credit-scoring service into new markets every year. At present, we have large customer bases in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. And we have big plans for further growth.

Earn more from your traffic today with Jeff

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