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for eCommerce

Improve conversion rates, boost average order value and increase lifetime value, while also gaining insights on pricing and audience with Jeff. With our alternative-data loan brokerage embedded on your platform, shoppers can instantly get credit scores and financing options, while we provide you with data-driven insights.

Our services for eCommerce partners

Data API

Understand your customers and optimize your pricing based on a comprehensive source of creditworthiness data

Jeff 4 You

Embed Jeff into your customers’ journey to help them instantly assess and understand their credit score 

Credit score

Boost conversions and average order value by giving instant credit scores for customers at check out, all generated by our smart analytics

Embedded service

Enjoy more integrated lead generation and other features with our embedded service 

The challenge of continuous growth

Ensuring continuous growth for your e-commerce platform requires you to impact every level of your marketing and sales funnel. But it can be hard to focus on each level simultaneously. This results in unbalanced strategies that focus too much on one stage (conversion or awareness) at the expense of others. But for strong sales and robust growth, every stage is essential.

A solution with multiple benefits

A partnership with Jeff can deliver results at every stage of the funnel. We'll share business intelligence to support your pricing and targeting. And we'll help you drive sales by offering instant credit scores to your customers. It's a true win-win offering that will impact every stage of the customer journey.

Join Jeff in boosting financial inclusion in Asia while supporting your eCommerce business' growth.

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