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for Insurance

Offer your insurance products to a much larger customer-base without increasing your risks with Jeff. Our alternative-data credit scoring lets you break into the market of Asia's 1 billion underbanked, while our comprehensive data and business intelligence ensures you can effectively service these new customers.

Our services for insurance partner

Lead generation

Instantly increase your number of applicants. We'll refer our +1 million users to you

Data API

Effectively service the new leads you gain from us with easy access to our pool of data 

Jeff 4 You

Embed Jeff into your platform so customers can instantly assess their credit score 

Credit score

Instead of raw data, get a single credit score generated by our comprehensive analytics

Exchange for rejected applicants

Earn money from the applicants you don't accept through our exchange

Embedded service

Enjoy more integrated lead generation with our embedded service 

The growth challenge for insurers

Insurance remains an area with sky-high customer acquisition costs. Reducing the customer rejection rate and onboarding more than your competitors can give you an edge. But converting every lead that comes your way could increase your risk exposure. So, how do you tap into new market segments while also making sure you can manage and service these customers? 

An alternative-data solution

Jeff helps insurers vet new clients from previously underserved segments, relying on a sophisticated credit scoring mechanism. By tapping into multiple sources of alternative data (e.g. payslips, phone bills, social media), we help insurers expand their customer base while keeping risk at bay. Our reject monetisation feature allows you to earn money on the clients you decide not to onboard, and data-driven insights will ensure continued expansion.

Join Jeff in boosting financial inclusion in Asia while supporting your insurance business' growth.

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