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South-East Asia has some of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world, with almost 900 million mobile connections. Users spending on average 3.6 hours per day using mobile internet generated data that can be used for many purposes, including gaining access to finance. Jeff seeks to unlock this data for millions of underserved people, while helping businesses assess risk and tap into new customer segments.

Our services for Telco partners

Lead generation

Expand your user base with ease with a new source of qualified, credit-checked leads.

Data API

Minimize churn by accessing detailed alternative data on new and existing customers via our data API

Jeff 4 You

Embed Jeff into your customers’ journey to help them instantly assess and understand their credit score 

Credit score

Instead of raw data, get a single credit score generated by our comprehensive analytics

Embedded service

Enjoy more integrated lead generation and other features with our embedded service 

Telco data can improve lives

There are over 1 billion underbanked consumers across Asian markets, which, coincidentally, have the highest mobile penetration rate worldwide. By tapping into Telco data, Jeff can help users build and improve their credit score and unlock access to a range of financial services.

The role of Telco data in credit scoring

Telcos around the region accumulate vast heaps of data that can be used to determine creditworthiness. By processing such data points as geolocation, top-up frequency and amounts, duration of SIM ownership, mobile data usage, Jeff builds an alternative credit score that is supplemented by data from other sources as well.

Join Jeff in boosting financial inclusion in Asia while supporting your insurance business' growth.

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