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for Banks & Lenders

Gain a reliable stream of high-quality leads from market segments with huge growth potential. 73% of users in South-East Asia don’t have a bank account, but many can afford a loan. Since 2019, Jeff has been using alternative data to help banks, lenders and fintechs accurately assess creditworthiness and onboard customers from previously underserved segments.

Our services for partners in banking and lending

Lead generation

Tap into previously underserved market segments. We'll refer our +1 million users to you

Data API

Our API offers debt collection reminders, repeat client sales, fraud data exchange and more.

Jeff 4 You

Embed Jeff into your customers’ journey to help them instantly assess their credit score 

Credit score

Instead of raw data, get a single credit score generated by our comprehensive analytics

Exchange for rejected applicants

Earn money from the applicants you don't accept through our exchange

Embedded service

Enjoy more integrated lead generation with our embedded service 

The challenge of competing in a small market segment

In South East Asia, 6 out of 10 people are classified as underbanked. This means banks and lenders are competing for the same small segment of the population. Meanwhile, the majority are overlooked even though many have the means to manage a loan. Traditional credit scoring tools keep this segment excluded, and keep you competing in a small market pool. But should it be that way?

Make data your ally and break into new segments

Jeff uses its own sophisticated scoring mechanism to both vet clients and help them build a credit score. We then share qualified leads with our partners that can make an informed, data-based lending decision. And our network of partners enables reject monetisation, an industry-wide fraud database, and many other features that help improve financial inclusion and the sector’s resilience.

Join Jeff in boosting financial inclusion in Asia while expanding your addressable market.

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