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for Mobile Wallets

Pack your sales pipeline with qualified leads from an untapped market segment. Jeff uses alternative data to provide credit scoring for underserved customer segments. And for 3 years, we've been helping banks, mobile wallets and other financial players to onboard new customers. Partners can also access our data API and credit scoring services.

Our services for Mobile Wallets

Lead generation

Grow your user base with ease with a steady stream of qualified, credit-checked leads.

Data API

Boost the number of applicants you accept using our alternative data, all easily-accessible via our API

Jeff 4 You

Embed Jeff into your customers’ journey to help them instantly assess and understand their credit score 

Credit score

Make fast acceptance decisions using a single credit score for each user generated by our comprehensive analytics

Embedded service

Enjoy more integrated lead generation with our embedded service 

The challenge of turning mobile usage into financial inclusion

South East Asia has some of the highest mobile internet adoption rates in the world. People in this region use the internet on their mobiles for 3.6 hours every day - a global high. Yet this high adoption is not translating into high levels of access to financial services like bank accounts (3 in 4 adults don't have one), loans and credit. Traditional credit scoring based on very limited data sets is at the heart of this problem.

Unlocking mobile-based financial inclusion using data and analytics tools

We designed Jeff to help cash-strong, credit-poor mobile users get accurate credit ratings that unlock financial services like loans and credit. These credit ratings are generated from the huge amount of data these customers generate, and our sophisticated scoring mechanism. We then share qualified leads with our partners, and leverage this network to generate even richer sets of data.

Partner with us to strengthen financial inclusion in South East Asia while adding leads to your pipeline.

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