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Gain access to a deep pool of valuable customer data, and earn while you do it. Jeff uses alternative data to assess creditworthiness for people excluded from financial services. And this data powers true win-win partnerships with businesses in mobility and delivery.

Our services for mobility and delivery providers

Data API

Understand your customers and tailor your offers based on a comprehensive source of creditworthiness data

Jeff 4 You

Embed Jeff into your customers’ journey to help them instantly assess and understand their credit score 

Credit score

Instead of raw data, get a single credit score generated by our comprehensive analytics

Embedded service

Enjoy more integrated lead generation and other features with our embedded service 

The challenge of building accurate data pictures in new market segments

Even in mobile-first markets like Southeast Asia, building an accurate data map of market segments can be challenging. This can be especially true for mobility and delivery providers, who have rich data on one area of their customers' activities, but very little on the rest. How can you build the data pool you need to service these segments effectively?

An alternative-data pool accessible to partners

Jeff taps into multiple sources of alternative data (e.g. payslips, phone bills, social media) when building its credit scores. And this, combined with the inputs of our other partners, creates a rich resource. You can leverage it to gain new insights, or for specific activities like fraud detection. And as our network of partners and networks continues to grow, so will the quality of insights you can access.

Join us in enabling financial inclusion and unlocking new market segments in Asia.

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